Fernando Gorini

Managing Director

Fernando Gorini is an international fitness presenter and personal trainer with more than twelve years of experience in the world of fitness and a respected profesional in the field.

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His professionalism and constant interest in personal development allowed Fernando to take part in international presentations and conventions in different countries among which: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Bolivia, Spain, Portugal, Maldives, Romania, Mexic, Bulgaria, Italy and Japan, where he held presentations and certifications for thousands of instructors who, at their turn, share the acquiered knowledge to millions of students and participants in their classes all over the world. As personal trainer, he has worked with various personalities from the world of politics, sports, entertainment, among which Fiona Swarovsky, Giuseppe Cipriani, Santiago Gonzalez, Massimiliano Finazzer Flory, Karl-Heinz Grasser.

Gonzalo R. Fernandez Larravide


With more than 10 years in the company, always supporting growth from the administrative system to the creation of content.

Ask yourself if what you are doing today brings you to the place where you want to be tomorrow

Rodrigo Pérez

Director (Chile)

Orlando Ramiro Castillo

Director (Bolivia)

Orlando has spent more than 20 years teaching certification courses in Bo livia, Argentina and Chile, promoting a professional atttitude towards learning and teaching fitness and trying to better the wellbeing and health of people. Orlando is also an internaional fitness pr esenter participating in various events in South America.

Sky is the limit and the search for perfectionism w ill make a STEELER incomparable.

Ali Muaz

Director (Indian Ocean)

Antonio Colavolpe

Director (Italia)

Roberto Murillo

Director (Mexico)

Marina Rankova

Director (Bulgaria)

Miro Nabhan

Director (Middle East)

National and International Master Trainer Franchisor of Steelprograms Middle East Creator and owner of XTC Gym

Failure is not an option !

Graduated from Sport & Fitness Academy Rheinland Pfalz, Germany. Backround Martial Arts, Kickboxing and professional football player. Presenting daily fitness Tv shows on national Channels.

Pierre Habchy

Director (Middle East)

Pierre graduated from National Academy of Physical Culture and Cardio Fitness, followed by many certifications in Personal Training and from Le Mond Academy.

Be Ready . Always be ready - Be strong Be fit be steel

Started as freestyle instructor in 1998 and since 2008 he became an International Master Trainer. GX Manager at 180 Degrees Fitness and Spa. He participated in more than 12 conventions all over the world.

Mel Tempest

Director (Australia)

Be strong Be fit be steel

Ricardo Senos

Director (Switzerland)

Smith Salvatierra

Director (Peru)

Omar Al Mosaly

Director (Dubai)