MIX 29 – Introduction -

After a brief period of production and reorganization we are ready to launch a new mix. M29 landed in your gyms and I assure you that I'm here to stay!

We have some adjustments and changes that we have made in the programs and also a 2x1 of which they will not be able to resist!

But we leave the presentation aside and go straight to what we should prepare.


Mix 29 is a very PHYSICAL release. This tells us that the mixes are prepared to offer a physical challenge to the participants of each class. We will find very simple combinations, but with components that will lead us to demand the maximum. We are looking, in this mix, to focus on muscular/cardiovascular resistance, instead of targeting coordination. Although we never leave these abilities aside, this mix will provide exercises focused on the progressive increase in intensity. We can observe that there are exercises that are repeated in the different segments and this is part of the way that the STEELERS should follow in their learning process during the class.

We will find many final products that come from the Union as a teaching method. We also seek that each segment has one single final product and that it is constructed through the previous Blocks or Rounds. This facilitates the learning of the final product and allows the participant to enjoy the class more by focusing on the "POWER".

STEELERS, remember, the key is the UNION.


We traveled to Mexico to film directly with the entire Mexican team. Our outstanding Master Trainers and STEELERS participated in the filming of the mix. We are very happy with the growth of the company and we continue to work in offering more every day.

We continue with the Track-by-Track line. This means that in the digital download you will have several files (one per segment) that can be played as a single Playlist (in any Windows or Mac player) or individually, to review the choreography again and again.


STEEL COMBAT – Strategies, Structure Changes and... has the UFC come to STEEL?

Get ready for the Hardcore! This playlist is special. We wanted to add some musical spice and half of the mix has a frenetic pace. This will help us motivate our participants, since each track gets more intense with the purpose of pushing the limits of the participants. We also have strikes to the floor and a new movement that comes from the UFC fights.


Due to the intensity of this mix, we have to consider the strategy used for the pauses in order to develop a fluent class and, above all, SAFE. Here we leave you with two strategies for different group levels.


Tracks 1, 2 and 3 (continuously) then pause: time for water and explanations of the combo in track 4
Track 4 then pause: short, explanation for track 5
Tracks 5 & 6 (continuously) then pause: time for water and explanation on the intensity of track 7 + Fly Cross Technique
Track 7 then pause: short, explanation of STREET COMBAT combo
Track 8 final, all in! Then pause to drink water and prepare to train in the recovery zone.
Tracks 9 & 10: kicks training and Cool Down (with Kata)


Tracks 1, 2, 3 and 4 (continuously) then pause: water and physical and mental preparation of the participants to increase intensity.
Tracks 5, 6 and 7 (continuously) then pause: water and teach the final combo for STREET COMBAT (UFC knee)
Track 8 final, all in! Then pause to drink water and prepare to train in the recovery zone.
Tracks 9 and 10: kicks training and Cool Down (with Kata)


With the arrival of the 3.3.3 format, we have made modifications in our programs. This was because we did not want to change everything very abruptly so that the STEELERS can gradually adapt. Now it is time for STEEL COMBAT to change, more specifically the KICKS TRAINING segment. We have taken this segment to the 3.3.3 format and the suggestions for the choreographic development are as follows.

1) Use Round 1 to perform stretching movements (Static or Dynamic) but only in stages 1 and 2.
2) If we do not have stretching in the choreography, try to start this segment with front kicks or front knees. DO NOT start with complex kicks (Lateral, Circular, Backward)
3) If we use functional components, these may be present in maximum two rounds.
4) 4) The kicks must be present in at least two of the three rounds of each stage.


As we know, in the STREET segments, tracks 7 and 8, our main motivation tool is "visualization". Here we seek that participants can get into the skin of a warrior and thus be part of a combat (imaginary). In the STREET COMBAT segment we are going to knock down our opponent and then finish the fight on the floor. That's why, we are going to direct some kicks to the floor. These will come after a combination of kicks (Fly Kick and Front Kick) and remember to make a brief pause to adjust the body and direct the kick to the floor.


This new component is presented in the track number 8 (STREET COMBAT) and seeks to finish with our opponent who, after being knocked down to the floor will be finished by us.

After the opponent is knocked down we will perform a combination on the floor. First a series of punches and then the UFC knee. For this we must keep the base leg or support leg flexed almost 90° (supporting the weight of our body) and then execute a Muay Thai knee, focusing on the trunk of our opponent (remember, who is knocked down), this movement adds a plus to the dynamic since, in addition to its explosiveness and visualization, we also work the balance, coordination and increase of muscular endurance.


The teaching method used in this mix is the UNION. You will see that many of the final products result from the union of the two previous rounds. With this we seek to reduce the amount of information and thus focus more on the intensity.

STEEL TONIC – Components and Technique

We maintain the sporty feature and create a very dynamic mix. We have a lot of shuffles so we have to be aware of the space we have in our hall. Consider making modifications in the execution and shuffling of the components if you do not have enough space.


The functional components are those that we use to enhance our SIMPLE and COMPOSED components. In this mix, we use Composed components with increased intensity. Therefore, a squat or lunge will become a Power Squat (squat with plyometrics) and Power Lunge (lunge with plyometrics). Some Simple Components (NRG) like the Step Knee also follow the same line. Pay attention to the technique in the video and remember that Plyometrics is a strategy of intensity. This means that you can adapt this movement or simply execute it without the jumps.

UPPER TONIC: Rotation and Kick + Plyometrics

We have a new challenge for the UPPER TONIC 1. The kick with Rotation. This component is medium/advanced level, so we recommend having some options ready for participants who do not have the body control necessary to perform this exercise. We also incorporate, in the last stage, plyometrics that will be executed on the floor. Remember to check the position of the back and, if a participant does not have the proper technique, change the exercise to a movement without jumping.

TONIC 2: The STEP is very important

We continue with the plyometrics and TONIC 2 will not be an exception. STEELERS, it is VERY important that you try the Combos and Final Products in your gym BEFORE you launch your class. This is because we have Plyometrics and shuffles on the STEP and if we have a STEP without good stability or Grip (grip on the floor) this may cause injuries to participants. Please CHECK the choreographies before launching them to prevent any type of unfortunate events.


Finally, we incorporate our arms in the choreography, seeking to increase the level of complexity and intensity. Of course this is optional and it is not recommended for beginner groups because the level of coordination will be high. The use of the arms is a very interesting choreographic element but if it is not used in an appropriate way it can cause frustration to the participants. Choose groups that are prepared for this type of challenge and seek to TEACH professionally each change and each new objective.


This mix must provide a challenge. For this we concentrate on the fact that the exercises are simple and that they can be executed dynamically so that "RESISTENCE" is the key to this mix.

You can see that we use SRT bars, so you can explore another way to use SRT in your classes.

You don’t know what the SRT is? Please check this link and learn about it:



We will try to increase the load in each POWER LOAD segment, even if it is minimal. We know that our participants are reluctant to the idea of "increasing the weight". Use a psychological strategy and offer a "CHALLENGE" at the beginning of the class. Of course, the challenge will be to increase the level of the load in each of the segments since the execution of the exercises in this mix is very easy.


We always seek to offer new techniques. Although the spread squat is not a novelty, we do not always see it in our classes. Therefore, let's briefly review the spread squat technique.

Characteristics: The squat will be performed using STEP. One foot on the floor and the other on the STEP.

Technique: The feet placed in a "natural" way (do not force them to be parallel) the distance between feet will be hip width or shoulder width. Not bigger than shoulder width.

In the COMBO (Block 3) you will move from the spread squat to the Sumo squat. The transition will be made in only 2 tempi, therefore, take advantage of tempi 7 and 8 to balance the body so that the upward movement is the beginning of the transition. The position of the feet is also important. There must be a small rotation of the supporting foot. Pay attention that the participant does not place all the weight of the body on that foot and at the same time execute the rotation. Try to teach the technique and the rotation of the leg that remains on the floor.


COMPLEXITY In Mix 01, we seek to present a STEEL JUMP class with great strength and variability. In this new mix we focus on simple final products in order to use more technique on the trampoline.

END OF THE SEGMENT We made some adjustments in the final of each track. We thought that the 32 times (which allow us to reposition the body and lower the intensity of each segment) was a period of very long inactivity. We reduced this duration to half (16 times / 2 octaves) so that the end is more appropriate and we do not lower the levels of energy and motivation that this class is all about.


This release is DOUBLE-folded! We know that STEELERS have a passion for music and for mixes and that they need tools to offer variety to their participants. We made a huge effort to launch this mix ZERO. Yes, in this update you will have two STEEL JUMP mixes so you can expand your music library and offer more music and combinations to all the STEELERS.

Note: I want to give a special thank you to STEEL PROGRAMS CHILE's management (Rodrigo Pérez and all his team) for taking the challenge and carrying out the full filming of STEEL JUMP's mix ZERO.

STEELERS, M29 is here with a super intense profile and with changes that will improve the creation of the classes. We also have new tools for the STEELERS and their WEB profile that will be ready very soon where we will offer additional content and multiple services for those STEELERS that are ACTIVE.

Once again, I want to thank ALL the STEEL PROGRAMS team for the effort they put into this new launch and for their commitment in each of our mixes. STEELERS, this is all for you! We hope you enjoy it and that you can convey in each class the same passion with which we develop each mix. See you soon and remember to subscribe to our social networks to strengthen the STEEL community.

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