MIX 26

MIX 26 – Characteristics and novelties -

A new mix is ready for you and here is what its main characteristics and novelties are.


As you know, STEEL is keen on creating mixes with their own special identity. We want STEELERS to live a different experience with each new mix, without losing the essence of the programs. The objective remains always an educational one. Our goal is to offer various types of content so that every mix comes with a specific work profile. For instance, mix 24 focused on simplicity in order to work with resistance and power. The objective was to include all types of participants through a mix which was easy to teach (instructor), assimilate (participant) and execute (participant). M25 had the objective to increase the level of complexity where we pushed the instructor to develop advanced communication abilities in a mix which requiered a good deal of concentration. We wanted, with mix 25, to practice advanced communication (instructor), develop advanced teaching methods in the class (instructor) and improve levels of concentration (participant) and coordination (participant). This was a rather more difficult challenge as the mix included complex final products, with components of a higher level of difficulty and new components (Fly Cross – Push Kick – Descending Hook, among others).
M26 marks the return to simple and intense workout, with a main focus on repetition in order to put muscular resistence to the test. Here the instructor works with basic strategies and teaching methods (direct, addition, replacement and pyramidal methods). In this mix, the objective is for the instructors to use all possible motivation strategies (needed to help participants keep training and give their all) and create an intense and explosive class.
M26 offers a class which will prove very easy to follow, fun and, most importantly, VERY intense!


The ”change” that comes with mix 26 is rather an upgrade of the warning effects (bells, whistles, sirens) which will homogenize these special effects and facilitate that a possible multiple certification course (that is, in the same course, introduce more than one program) eliminates the need to repeat the Music chapter, thus optimizing time and avoiding any confusion on the part of the Steelers. Therefore, starting with M26, the structure of the effects will be as follows:
Start of Stage - Bloc/Round 1
Combat: 3 bells
Tonic: 3 whistles
Training: 3 whistles
Change of Bloc/Round
Combat: 1 bell
Tonic and Training: 1 whistle
End of Stage – Bloc/Round 3
Combat: 1 Gong
Tonic: 1 whistle
Training: 1 siren
As you can see, the objective is to have the same sound stimuli throughout all programs. Three special effects for the start of a stage (bloc/round 1), one for the transition between blocs/rounds within a stage and one different special effect for the end of a stage (bloc/round 3).

Note: the MUSIC structure of each segment of each program DOES NOT CHANGE! There is only an adjustment in the effects of warning and change.

We hope you find that these changes bring more unity when it comes to teaching criteria and methods. These small amendments will make the effects which characteries the Steel programs ”sit” more uniformly. It is an easier and friendlier way to teach and learn a STEEL class.

We really hope you have a lot of fun with this new mix and we can’t wait to see you in the next Update!